Before her daughters, there was Nyx - a Greek primordial Goddess.
Under black cape and full moon, she traveled the underworld,
untying strands of light and weaving them into the night.

Often forgotten in the myth
is that this Shadow Queen was the birth-mother
of Eros himself.

Desire was forged in her womb.

The Secrets of Nyx is a pleasure house for women to explore their sexuality.
A playground ruled by feminine cravings that call up from the root. 
These stories ask you to leave your rational, thinking mind at the door
and sink into the red-room of pain and pleasure.

Do you dare to play?

Because a woman connected to her body holds a dangerous key...

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The Stories and Secrets of Nyx are not garnered to over-romanticized ideals of love. Many of them contain the raw, street-curb grit of real life. They are not for women afraid to face the triggering pain bestowed in truth. Nor are they for women attached to the servant archetype where a man's pleasure dominates a woman's sensuality. 

But if you are a woman willing to dive under cover and reunite with her sexual, feminine, divine pleasure- you are welcome to enjoy this playground at your own risk.